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Practice/Provider Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Services

CVDM Healthcare Consultants LLC

What we offer:

Provider credentialing services that offer comprehensive solutions for all healthcare practices. 

 Provider credentialing/enrollment services to take the burden off the practice and providers to contract with various insurance payers.

 Obtain contractual agreements with insurance payers on the providers behalf.  This will include gather necessary documents, updating CAQH profiles, negotiating rates, correspondence with the insurance payer and follow up as necessary.

Help practice and providers elevate loss of revenue due to being an out of network provider and increasing the primary patient base of the practice.

In addition to our services CVDM Healthcare Consultants offers a complimentary payer auditing service for those groups with more than 5 physicians.  This is a great service for those practices wondering if their providers are actually enrolled with the right health plans.

To learn more about our provider credentialing services, contact our team today!

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CVDM Healthcare Consultants Provider Credentialing Services LLC

Provider credentialing is the process of establishing that medical providers have proper qualifications to perform their jobs. This requires contacting a range of organizations, including medical schools, licensing boards, and other entities, to verify that the providers have the correct licenses and certificates. 

CVDM delivers knowledgeable and comprehensive services to assist you in becoming an in-network provider with the insurance carriers that you want to participate with. We also provide services to existing practices. Credentialing providers is a continuous process and must be completed every 3 to 5 years. CVDM will offer a service that will complete re-credentialing, notify you of expiring documents and maintain your CAQH profile. 

What Information is Required for Credentialing?

  • Malpractice claims history 

    • Suspensions, revocations

  • License to practice and primary source verification

  • NPI number

  • License history

  • DEA license

  • Work History

  • Degrees and transcripts

  • References from previous employers/practitioners

  • Insurance information

  • Board Certification​​

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About CVDM Healthcare Consultants

Our Purpose

CVDM Healthcare Consultants LLC is a unique but necessary service that is offered to practices and providers of all specialties, ensuring the provider is correctly credentialed/enrolled with insurance payers. This will help to improve as well as decrease loss of revenue and improve patient experience. Our purpose is to help practices streamline the practice's workflow, by alleviating additional stress from the practice and providers. We help to ensure that patients are receiving complete high-quality care by helping practices increase their revenue and overall patient base.

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